Thomas Kinkade Snow White Puzzle

Man, it’s cold out here, I wish I could find a warm cottage with a group of stable, tidy, grown-ups living in it…

disney thomas kinkade snow white puzzle

‘Member that time when it was too cold to go outside and maybe there was some snow on the ground and we pulled out a puzzle and just worked and worked and worked on it? Or that time we went to the beach and it rained so we couldn’t go play in the surf or go to the water park, so we pulled out another puzzle? Yeah, that was before we had cell phones, and it RULED. Honestly, puzzles have never left heavy rotation at our house and this Thomas Kinkade Snow White Puzzle is getting ready ready to make the rounds. Seeing Snow White encountering the cottage that’s getting ready to change her life is the perfect picture to put together one tiny piece at a time.

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