Vagabond Traveler Heavy Duty Leather Laptop Bag

That tired, black, pleather laptop case of mine (free with purchase) has GOT to go. But lookie what’s coming in its place!

Sure, I’m having to sell some plasma and consign my wedding dress to get it, but this amazing leather laptop bag is going to be SO worth it. I’m in love with that gorgeous reddish-brown color. And look at all those pockets! It has three different sections inside with four big inside pockets, and another pocket in the back. Room for regular computer stuff, and NON-computer, traveler-y stuff, too. I feel much calmer knowing that it has “heavy duty” right in its title, too, because anything that ends up in my possession tends to fare better if it has “heavy duty” or at least “dirt resistant” in its title. I’m loving that the brand name is Vagabond Traveler, because for some reason that lends an air of authenticity when I make my grand entrance through the doors at the Wilderness Lodge…

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