Fantasyland Drinking Glass by SHAG

Well, here’s my new favorite getaway glass.

Okay, I’ll admit it: up until a month ago, I had no clue who the artist SHAG was, but now I must own everything he’s ever produced. Right this second. His drawings are so dang cute I can’t stand it! I’ve written about how in love with his Magic Kingdom Retro Shirt I am, and now he’s got a whole set of drinking glasses? Can’t. Stand. It. I’m loving the Fantasyland one, natch, because that’s where I’d rather be, but I gotta say, the Frontierland one is a CLOSE second…look at that kid in those EARS! Tomorrowland and Adventureland are pretty stinkin’ adorable, too! Is it just me, or is this guy not the greatest?

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