In Training runDisney 13.1 Mickey Mouse Magnet

Guilt is so weird. It can make you do the craziest things. Here’s an example.

I’m no runner. Sure, I used to be pretty fast on the playground, being QUITE the kickball player and all, but I’d hardly call my ADULT self a RUNNER. But, see, I wanna be. I really do. Runners are adorable. They eat ALL the time and they look FANTASTIC in shorts. Plus, they’re all heart-healthy and junk. So, here’s where guilt comes in. I don’t like guilt, just like I don’t like to lie. So, therefore, if I buy a CAR MAGNET that says I’m a proud supporter of (fill-in-the-blank-cause-or-activity), then, by golly, I’m gonna DO IT, if I’m not doing it already, because I would feel guilty of fraud if I had (fill-in-the-blank-cause-or-activity) on my car and was not an actual part of said cause or activity. Happened with the PTO, happened with Girl Scouts, and it’s happening with RunDisney! So, it goes like this: I want to run, but I’m scared to start, because I think I will fail. I hate guilt and I hate to lie. Hello, NEW car magnet that says I’m IN TRAINING. Regular Guilt + Hating-to-Lie Guilt + New Car Magnet = Newborn Runner. Bam. Done. So proud of myself.

Which half-marathon am I doing? Um…dunno. Haven’t gotten that far in my motivational bumper-stickering yet. But there will BE one. ‘Cuz, ya know, my car just said so.

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