Mickey and Minnie 1928 Plate

And to think the folks of  Downton Abbey had never even HEARD of these guys yet…

 mickey and minnie 1928 plate

I mean, I’m sure it was nice to live UPSTAIRS at Downton, what with people fussing with your hair and bringing you a perfectly cooked pheasant whenever you wished for it, but life without Mickey and Minnie? The horror! But, alas, it’s true! The poor folks at Downton, servants and royals alike, were without knowledge of this dear, dear mouse couple until their debut in Plane Crazy in 1928. This Mickey and Minnie 1928 Commemorative Plate  is a happy little reminder of Mickey and Minnie’s first foray onto celluloid. And a great reminder that we don’t have to eat cooked pheasant. Great News: This great ’28 Plate is now on sale for just $9.99 at the Twice Upon a Year Sale! Hurry now before it gets away!

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