Star Wars Retro T-Shirt

I can’t remember exactly what I said when I saw the guy wearing this t-shirt, but the look on his face said “I’m scared.”

I was at *another* theme park (That Shall Not Be Named) when I saw a guy with this t-shirt on, and I flipped. I think I said something like, “Omigoshomigoshomigosh, where did you GET THAT? Because I LOVE IT. And I must HAVE IT!” And I think that’s when I realized he was making the scared face. So then, I think I backed away slowly. Or he could have been running backwards away from me. Either way, I never really GOT the location of the store where he got the shirt, which is why I’m SO HAPPY to have found it HERE and now I can SHARE IT. So, guy in the Star Wars Tee next to the Butterbeer Cart? I’m sorry I scared you. But now we have matching t-shirts, which I know makes you like me EVEN better.

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