Star Wars Wookie Photo Bomb Tee

Okay, guys, hold still. Do the serious face

I’m gonna do my hand out like this and be all, “Come to the Dark Side”, and y’all can just be looking over my shoulder like, “Yes, Master. That’s a Great Idea!”… This could totally be the one for the Christmas Card. So, just like, yeah, just like that, and hold it, hold it…One…Two…Three…CHEWIE!! I swear to Palpatine, if you do that Foam Finger thing one more time, I will space pod you back to Wookie Prison! That is NOT cool, Chewie. NOT COOL.

But it is. It is SO cool. And I must own this Wookie Photo Bomb T-Shirt right now before another minute of my life goes by without it in my possession. Follow me here  if you must have one, too!

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