Boba Fett Hoodie

Some of you may be saying, There’s no WAY you’re gettin’ me in that thing!

But hear me out: I’m finding it hard to take my eyes off this thing! First of all, it’s a Boba Fett Hoodie! May I go ahead and speculate that most of us have never owned a Boba Fett Hoodie? Now, I know…the hood. The hood is wigging you out, and causing you to hyperventilate a little. But this Hoodie is one of those things that’s fascinated me from the moment I first met it, and it keeps popping up at weird times when I go out looking for fun stuff to show you guys. So, I’m thinkin’ that somebody, somewhere out there needs it. Or knows someone who does. Because Boba Fett Hoodies don’t just pop up in weird places for no reason. And? It’s the perfect time to buy it, because it’s 30% off right now at ThinkGeek, droppin’ it to $48.99. And, if you order NOW, they’ll even ship you one that unzips! (I kid, I kid. They all unzip.)

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